Monday, February 16, 2015

Top Five Best Vacuum Cleaners You Must Have

Every time you think about cleaning your carpet, the first gadget that comes to your mind is a vacuum cleaner. The hardest part of vacuuming is not the volume of the job but the performance of your vacuum cleaner. I once bought a noisy vacuum cleaner and every time I put the baby to sleep and started cleaning she would wake up and cry terribly. The machine was too rowdy to let her enjoy her sweet slumber.
That’s why I have decided to conduct a far-reaching research to get you the most silent, most acrobatic and amazingly effective vacuum cleaners that you must have. First I will start by bring to your attention the diverse nature of Vacuum cleaners. Definitely we have:
1.       Corded vacuum cleaners: These require a long cable to power them from a wall socket. Sometimes it becomes difficult to use them especially when the sockets are far apart. Furthermore, an interruption in power means dirty fours

2.       Cordless vacuum cleaners: These have a rechargeable power storage system. Once you have charged your vacuum cleaner you get several hours of cleaning power without interruptions.  These are more flexible to use you are not limited by the chord length.

3.       Electronic manually operated vacuum cleaners: These are the kind of vacuum cleaners that one needs to pass over the dirty area for them to such in the dirt. You have to pull them with your hands and guide them on where to clean. They may be corded or cordless

4.       Electronic freehand vacuum cleaners: These are the most technologically advanced in the family of vacuum cleaners. They are have no handle and are always cordless.  They resemble an alien disc in that they move over the dirty area by themselves sucking in the dirt particles. Initially they were remote operated but recently with the advancement of robot technology, robotic vacuum cleaners have been innovated.
5.       Upright and canister vacuum cleaners: Canister Vacuum cleaners have a flexible nick while upright vacuum cleaners have no flexibility or limited flexibility at the neck.

6.       Bagged and baglessvacuum cleaners:The bagged store the dirt in a bag that takes time to fill up while the bagless have a fixed volume in-built dust holder that requires frequent emptying.
Now that you know this much about vacuum cleaners, I will go straight to the Top Fivepicks of the day.  This are gadgets that I have used and would never give them away unless for something better. 


# 5 Bissell Vac & Steam Vacuum Cleaner

With its 7.6m long power cord, this two in one gadget not only cleans soft floors but is a perfect stainremover for hard floors as well. It gives you an option to add fresh fragrance to your floor as it has removablefragrance discs that come in all flavors. It’s noiseless, light and can maneuver under the furniture as it is a canister cleaner. 

# 4 Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

This is your new technology machine that uses laser guided technology to maneuver your room without any assistance from you. If you are a pet person, you will never have to worry about the fur. Moreover it is quiet and may be used for hard and soft floors. You will not believe this but once its power reserves starts to dwindle it will walk back to its charging spot for a recharge and continue from where it left once it is fully changed. 

#3 Shark RotatorPro Lift-Away

If you have been wondering what to use on your stairs, then this is what you need. This canister machine is amazingly acrobatic and comes with a wand and several brush attachments making it versatile and able to handle any job at hand. It’s very quiet and fairly light.

#2 Hoover Air Cordless series 3.0

 This is the only upright vacuum cleaner that beats them all. It also one of the most efficient cordless Vacuum cleaners with 50 minutes run time guaranteed by its two lithium batteries that take only 3 hours to recharge fully. Regardless of the fact that it’s an upright cleaner, it comes with a hose and wand to aid in cleaning under surfaces upholstery and the stairs. Don’t forget that this is a multi-floor tool so you will use it in the house and on your balconies and verandahs

#1 Dyson DC39 vacuum cleaner

This is the most quite most efficient and most dynamic vacuum cleaner of all times.  The 7.5 kilo gadget is much lighter compared to other cleaners designed for a similar performance. Its multi flour capabilities make it ideal for indoor and veranda cleaning.
 It’s bagless with HEPA technology that purifies the air by filtering out very small dust particles.  Moreover, the Dyson DC39 vacuum cleaner comes with a ward that is adjustable for cleaning the areas above the floor and for use while cleaning the stairs
How to Take Care Of Your Vacuum Cleaner
Here are some general tips on how to clean your vacuum cleaner:

1.       Empty the dirt storage after every cleaning session.

These is no point in storing dirt particles in your cleaner as this may rot with time and produce odors that make you want to throw the gadget through the window.

2.       Change old worn-out brushes regularly.

Some vacuum cleaners have easy to replace brushes while others require an expert to do the job but either way, brush replacement is paramount for efficiency

3.       Avoid picking huge chunks with your Vacuum cleaner.

Big particles reduce the sucking power of your cleaner rapidly, causing it to chock and thereby reducing its overall efficiency. It wouldn’t hurt to pick those big particles before vacuuming you will save power and money and will be at no risk of damaging your Vacuum cleaner.

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